OData module for Python

Python is my favorite scripting language. So I did some small research how to connect Python with OData and it seems that there are basically two ways how to consume OData in Python.

  1. ODATA-PY is a module is OData provider for Google App Engine. It has few cons. It can be used only in Google App Engine, some OData functionallity is not implemented and it seems to be not maintained since 2011. But in case you non of this bothers you, it can be used for some simple application in Google App Engine.
  2. Pyslet is python package for Standards in Learning, Education and Training. That sounds like it does not have anything with OData, but there is module which implements OData protocol OData source is represented as dictionary, which makes its usage quite comfortable. More information on first steps can be found in author’s blog. Several limitations applies here are well so far. It does not have SSL support, is limited to Python 2.7 and can not read JSON format. But still it looks like only reasonable solution.



Peter Marcely

ABAP, Python, JavaScript developer

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  1. Hi Peter,

    I need to send data from python to SAP through Odata. Can you please throw some light on how to achieve this.

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