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I want to share some great sites and other sources which helped me the most and where you can start with OpenUI5 / SAPUI5. Even though when I started this blog, it was meant to be more about ABAP, but OpenUI5 is future for SAP developers, so why not to play around with new cool technologies.


Basically, first you need to learn yourself a bit of a JavaScript. There are lots of tutorials, but be careful not to use bad practices which are often used in examples and tutorials.
Everything what you need to learn can be found in a Mozilla’s JavaScript reference.
After you manage to write applications in a JavaScript, it is time for you to move for more advanced sources. I recommend these two:

  • JavaScript Garden – Best practices for JavaScript, just read it every day before going to a bed 🙂
  • JavaScript: The Good Parts – Author is explaining differences between good and bad approaches in a JavaScript language


After you master JavaScript, take a look at some of demo applications to see what you will be able to build. Now, it is time to download OpenUI5’s SDK where you will also find source code of these demo applications so you can inspire yourself. You will also use list of controls and API reference a lot during your development.

Keep track with news

The final step – contribute to core

OpenUI5 is now a regular open source project and you can send a pull request. Even though you will not be the first, it is still definitely worth it!

If you are missing anything, let me know and I will add it.

Peter Marcely

ABAP, Python, JavaScript developer

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