SAP ABAP Tutorial

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, my goal is to provide valuable content for anyone interested. This SAP ABAP tutorial is a collection of different articles which I have written over time. Since I am just starting, you can use official SAP ABAP guide in the mean time to fill the blank pages of this tutorial. I appreciate any comments that can push the quality of this tutorial. You can also write me topics which you would like to cover.

ABAP Developement tools

  1. Basic SAP transactions for ABAP developers
  2. How to modify and extend SAP applications
  3. Transaction codes for database and table handling
  4. How to analyse, debug and optimize your SAP programs with standard tools

SAP Gateway + UI5

  1. Set up an OData service in SEGW
  2. Create frontend in OpenUI5 and consume the OData service