7 Essential SAP transactions (t-codes) for development that every ABAP developer should know

All SAP users, including ABAP developers, has to struggle with remembering short t-codes that has their special purpose. There is no surprise when a developer comes across new interesting transaction that was a missing piece in his ABAP development tools. That’s why I put together these series of various SAP transactions for ABAP developers.

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Escape HTML / XML / JS content or URI / URL in ABAP

ABAP offers predefined function called escape( ) which is available as of SAP_BASIS >= 731.

Whenever you need to convert your data from unescaped to escaped string, you can use this escape function. There are several options which escaped function provides. You can escape HTML, XML, JS, JSON content or its combination, URL and URI links. You can also use escape function for Cross-site scripting as you can see in this link.

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