7 Essential SAP transactions (t-codes) for development that every ABAP developer should know

All SAP users, including ABAP developers, has to struggle with remembering short t-codes that has their special purpose. There is no surprise when a developer comes across new interesting transaction that was a missing piece in his ABAP development tools. That’s why I put together these series of various SAP transactions for ABAP developers.

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Simple openUI5 application II. – How to create a frontend in OpenUI5 that will consume an OData service

After the first part of this tutorial, we have created and run an OData service that can write/read data to/from a SAP database table. In this part, I will explain how the frontend of an OpenUI5 application works. Whole source code can be found in my github repository. You will actually see the running demo application at the end of this article.

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Making GET parameters not readable for users in Javascript

When you want to hide some URL parameters from users, there is a simple way how to do it. Be aware that more experienced users can read it anyway, so this is not a way how to send confidential data, just to make URL address not readable at first sight.

For this problem, we can use base64 encoding. There are functions in various programming languages for encoding and decoding base64.

In Javascript we can use following approach to encode and decode some string:

Instead of Hello world we will get string SGVsbG93IHdvcmxk.

To sum up, we send our parameters in one GET parameter in appropriate format such as JSON and encoded as base64. In Javascript, we decode base64, explode parameters into variables and we are done.